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Communicate, communicate, communicate!

These are uncertain times for a lot of people and organizations. Unfortunately, uncertainty creates what I call a VOID and my theory is that where there is a VOID, negativity will fill it. In my work with people and organizations, I’ve found that when there is a void of clear and positive communication, people start […] … learn more→

New Cambridge study measures countries’ well-being

At the heart of any country’s progress lies the well-being of its people. How to accurately and effectively determine well-being is the subject of a recent study at the University of Cambridge. ‘Flourishing across Europe’ scored 23 European countries across 10 distinct elements that define well-being. The study is significant as it employs an objective, […] … learn more→

5 tips to develop positive kids

As someone who studies and teaches leadership and who is also a parent of two children, ages 12 and 10, I often notice the similarities between leadership and parenting. I guess that’s why I hear from a lot of people who tell me that they not only gave my books to their colleagues and clients […] … learn more→

Online tool helps people with facial disfigurement

People who have a noticeable facial disfigurement often report staring, comments and curiosity from others, particularly when meeting them for the first time.>/p> A support tool called ‘Face IT online’, designed to help people manage these everyday reactions to their appearancehas been launched. ‘Face IT online’ will encourage people with disfigurement, who find that their […] … learn more→