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Why create your personal brand?

Why create your personal brand?

Ah humans … we are both all different and all alike. We gauge, observe, we imitate. There is nothing better to see our similarities and differences than social networks. The new family album Facebook and Instagram have become, for some, the family album. We pose, we eat, we laugh … we give to see, we reveal, we share. […] … learn more→

7 Habits of highly effective personal branders

Personal branding is a critical component of any career. No matter what your occupation, it’s important to create a “stamp” of who you are professionally so others can identify you as a prominent thought leader or trusted expert in your industry. Your skills, personality and values all tie into your personal brand and help others […] … learn more→

7 personal branding trends for job search in 2012

I’ve been in the business of helping people build their brands for a decade and each year, I publish my personal branding trends for job seekers. Take a look at this year’s trends and decide which will help give you an edge and attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. 1. Headshots everywhere Do […] … learn more→

2012: The year of the personal brand

Some might argue that 2011 was the year personal branding really stepped into the forefront as one of — if not the — most important ways to take control of our life. I’d argue that 2011 was just a fraction of the overall growth this industry is going to see in 2012, and beyond. Google, […] … learn more→