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Advice, cheaper by the pound

Advice, cheaper by the pound

It astounds me how people feel authorised and qualified to comment on my recent PhD undertakings. Advice relating to studying, future work prospects, and study-work-life balance was not actively sought, but offered freely over coffee, at parties, and in hallways. Anywhere people could pin me down, they gave me advice. I soon realised that there […] … learn more→

What’s Bugs Bunny got to do with it?

Some of the things I learnt about myself during my PhD journey. Investigating how accountants perceive fairness in the workplace has been an enlightening and rewarding endeavour, despite the many hurdles faced and the length of time it took to complete as a part-time doctoral degree. However, presenting a constructivist piece of research to a […] … learn more→

Five things to do in your First Year

The first year of the Thesis is supposed to be about direction; working out your topic, doing literature reading, devising research plans etc. It is also the year you have the most flexibility. The first year is a great time to get your head around lots of things. Best of all, you can use it […] … learn more→