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Faceless Facebook reps help bereaved families Look Back

Faceless Facebook reps help bereaved families Look Back

Facebook’s Community Operations team has announced it is changing the privacy settings on accounts for deceased users to reflect the settings they chose in life. Facebook introduced “memorialisation” in 2009, which allowed the family members of deceased users to turn their profile into a page for remembering them. Others could continue to visit the profile […] … learn more→

Google reads your emails?

Microsoft’s astonishingly scurrilous campaign to damage confidence in Gmail is still active after nearly 10 years. Large ads in magazines repeat content from the Google-baiting website www.scroogled.com, which is dedicated solely to promoting fear of privacy invasions: Think Google respects your privacy? Think again. Google goes through every Gmail that’s sent or received, looking for […] … learn more→

Living in Orwell’s world: how to disappear completely online

Your friend Kate answers the phone. You remind her you’re meeting at 10am tomorrow for breakfast. You tell her your fractured wrist is healing but the doctor said there’s still some way to go. Your mum’s illness … well, that’s a different matter. Your hang-gliding, of course, is on hold, but you want to get […] … learn more→

Online insecurity

Online passwords are so insecure that one per cent can be cracked within 10 guesses, according to the largest ever sample analysis. The research was carried out by Gates Cambridge scholar Joseph Bonneau and will be presented at a security conference held under the auspices of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in May. […] … learn more→