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Solar PV breaks records in 2010

Solar photovoltaic (PV) companies manufactured a record 24,000 megawatts of PV cells worldwide in 2010, more than doubling their 2009 output. Annual PV production has grown nearly 100-fold since 2000, when just 277 megawatts of cells were made. Newly installed PV also set a record in 2010, as 16,600 megawatts were installed in more than […] … learn more→

Australia could lead with world\’s cheapest renewable energy

Australia has the potential to produce some of the world\’s cheapest renewable energy, meeting all its energy demands by 2050, in line with the release of a major new study by WWF. The Energy Report, which breaks new ground with its global study of total energy needs, including transport and energy availability, found that the […] … learn more→

A whole country that runs on renewable energy

I’ve known for years that Iceland is a geothermal paradise, so when we went there this summer, I made sure to pay some attention to the power supply. As it turned out, that was absurdly easy to do. You can\’t travel in Iceland without encountering the power of geothermal energy, and many Icelanders we met […] … learn more→