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Crocodiles rock the treadmill for research

Crocodiles have been put through their paces on a treadmill as part of a James Cook University research project to help determine which muscles they use to breathe. Led by the Townsville-based Dr Suzy Munns, the research was conducted on five young estuarine crocodiles to test the role of the diaphragmaticus muscle, also known as […] … learn more→

Superstar teachers

As leaders in government and business search for ways to strengthen the U.S. recovery, new research from faculty at Harvard and Columbia indicates that elementary school teachers have an impact on how much their students earn as adults and, by extension, on the nation’s economy. “If an elementary school student has an excellent teacher even […] … learn more→

La Trobe University

La Trobe University is a multi-campus university based in Victoria, Australia. With learning, teaching and research designed to enrich the world and a history of academic innovation, La Trobe is leading the way in higher education. … learn more→

A road map to cleaner energy

After studying U.S. energy innovation for three years, Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) researchers have recommended nearly doubling research and development spending and pushing private industry to adopt new technology by putting a price on carbon emissions. The report, “Transforming U.S. Energy Innovation,” was released by the Energy Technology Innovation Policy research group in the Kennedy […] … learn more→

Rivers may aid climate control in cities

Planners could make greater use of urban waterways to regulate environmental temperature in our cities, according to research presented recently. Speaking at the Urban River Corridors and Sustainable Living Agendas (URSULA) Conference, in Sheffield, Dr Abigail Hathway, of the University of Sheffield, will demonstrate how rivers can cool their local environment. Urban areas suffer increased […] … learn more→

Humans and climate contributed to extinctions of large Ice-Age mammals

The history of six large herbivores — the woolly rhinoceros, woolly mammoth, wild horse, reindeer, bison, and musk ox — is the subject of a study by an international group of scientists investigating how climate fluctuations and human activity affected mammal populations at the end of the last ice age. According to Beth Shapiro, the […] … learn more→

Solar concentrator increases collection with less loss

Converting sunlight into electricity is not economically attractive because of the high cost of solar cells, but a recent, purely optical approach to improving luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) may ease the problem, according to researchers at Argonne National Laboratories and Penn State. Using concentrated sunlight reduces the cost of solar power by requiring fewer solar […] … learn more→

Foster the people

Rebuilding American manufacturing is possible — but will require new ideas about turning lab breakthroughs into new products and a refurbished, highly skilled workforce, a group of scholars, industry leaders and government officials emphasized at a MIT conference. “The U.S. continues to be very innovative, but somehow downstream there seems to be a break,” said […] … learn more→

New data on climate change from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project

In research that has been released to the media, though not yet peer-reviewed, a group of independent researchers has concluded that global warming is real. The research analyses temperature data from 15 sources and was intended to directly address scientific concerns raised by skeptics, including the urban heat island effect (UHI), temperature station quality and […] … learn more→

University teaching is based on research

At a first glance, university teaching seems like any other teaching, but a closer analysis shows that university teaching is closely related to research and knowledge development. For many young persons, the main aim of their studies is to receive a professional title and thus a certain kind of job. This is not so strange, […] … learn more→