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Reasons to delay the retirement age at university

Reasons to delay the retirement age at university

It is objectively true, as supported by facts, figures and surveys among its users, that our public health and university systems are reasonably efficient. Even more so considering the limited resources they have. Likewise, it is no less true that both have suffered budgetary and personnel hiring restrictions in recent years. Such cuts have led to a worsening of […] … learn more→

Do professors have a moral duty to retire?

A few years ago, I read the Philosophy Smoker on a regular basis. In the comments threads, several job seekers complained about older professors who didn\’t retire. If only they finally went away, more tenure lines would become available for junior people. In a provocative essay, professor emerita Laurie Frendrich argues along similar lines. She […] … learn more→

Many Americans die with ‘virtually no financial assets’

A new study co-authored by MIT economist James Poterba shows that many Americans have little financial cushion in retirement. Graphic: Christine DaniloffIt is a central worry of many Americans: not having enough money to live comfortably in old age. Now an innovative paper co-authored by an MIT economist shows that a large portion of America’s […] … learn more→