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Shrub reveals the secret of climate change

In an Australian first, scientists from The Australian National University and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage have uncovered a new way of identifying 300 years of climatic changes in the Australian Alps by looking at the growth rings of a sturdy, long-lived alpine shrub. Mountain plum pine is found in the incredibly harsh […] … learn more→

When it comes to speaking out, cells wait their turn

Cell communication is essential for the development of any organism. Scientists know that cells have the power to \”talk\” to one another, sending signals through their membranes in order to \”discuss\” what kind of cell they will ultimately become — whether a neuron or a hair, bone, or muscle. And because cells continuously multiply, it\’s […] … learn more→

Rock rafts could be \’cradle of life

Floating rafts of volcanic pumice could have played a significant role in the origins of life on Earth, scientists from Oxford University and the University of Western Australia have suggested. The researchers, writing in the September issue of the journal Astrobiology, argue that pumice has a unique set of properties which would have made it […] … learn more→