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Niche marketing for academics

Niche marketing for academics

A couple of weeks ago, the Guardian article “I’m a serious academic, not a professional instagrammer” caused a bit of a stir in my online community. The basic thrust of the piece was that those who engage in social media are just showing off. Tseen Khoo on the Research Whisperer correctly identified the humble bragging […] … learn more→

Too posh to promote?

Unlike some creative writers, I have a hard-nosed commercial bent to the way I promote my work that comes from a decade at the coal face of tabloid newspapers. Every journalist knows that you have to sell your story idea to the Chief of Staff or section editor before it will have the chance of […] … learn more→

The top 5 unusual ways to land an interview

Tired of sending out resumes and never hearing back? Maybe it\’s time to try a new approach. Check out these five unusual methods to landing an interview: Start an online campaign Remember Matthew Epstein, the man behind the “Google, please hire me” online campaign? His premise was simple: create buzz and draw attention to himself. […] … learn more→