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Why is it so hard to get a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf?

Why is it so hard to get a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf?

Hitler’s infamous political memoir, Mein Kampf, continues to trouble us like few other texts in the world. Seven decades after the end of the Third Reich, it fascinates and appals in equal measure. Available in many translations, Mein Kampf is widely read around the world and regularly features on bestseller lists in India. The state […] … learn more→

Divided cities do not flourish – Research

Divided cities such as Jerusalem, Belfast and Nicosia will permanently retain the symptoms of cities at war while the physical features of their division remain, says research announced today. A five-year, cross-disciplinary study of some of the world’s most troubled cities has led researchers to believe that the very concept of ‘post-conflict’, often cited by […] … learn more→

Working moms spend less time daily on kids\’ diet, exercise; fathers not picking up slack

When it comes to cooking, grocery shopping and playing with children, American moms with full-time jobs spend roughly three-and-half fewer hours per day on these and other chores related to their children\’s diet and exercise compared to stay-at-home and unemployed mothers, reports a new paper by a Cornell economist. Their male partners do little to […] … learn more→

Does good mother = Miserable woman?

A few years ago one of my daughters, who had not yet fully claimed her feminist card, told me that if I were a good parent, I would be there everyday after school to greet them with a snack and homework help instead of being at work. Outwardly I laughed at her ridiculous mid-century ideas […] … learn more→

Socioeconomics may affect toddlers’ exposure to flame retardants

A Duke University-led study of North Carolina toddlers suggests that exposure to potentially toxic flame-retardant chemicals may be higher in nonwhite toddlers than in white toddlers. The study also suggests that exposure to the chemicals is higher among toddlers whose fathers do not have a college degree, a proxy measure of lower socioeconomic background. Hand-to-mouth […] … learn more→

Water treatments alone not enough to combat fluorosis in Ethiopia

Increased intake of dietary calcium may be key to addressing widespread dental health problems faced by millions of rural residents in Ethiopia’s remote, poverty-stricken Main Rift Valley, according to a new Duke University-led study. As many as 8 million people living in the valley are estimated to be at risk of dental and skeletal fluorosis […] … learn more→

Global health: Students build wiki of medical devices designed for low-income countries

In parts of the world without reliable electricity, a pedal-powered nebulizer could provide life-saving asthma treatments. Small wax-filled sleeping bags could keep premature infants warm. A salad spinner centrifuge for blood samples could help clinicians diagnose anemia. University of Michigan researchers have cataloged more than 100 such technologies in a new wiki of medical devices […] … learn more→

Educated women do more paid work than in the 1970s

The time diaries of working age men and women in the UK reveal that women in the 2000s who went to college or university spent more time doing paid work and did less housework compared with similarly educated women in the 1970s. The study also shows that there has been a sharp drop in the […] … learn more→