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What Educators say about social promotion

Last year, legislators, at the behest of higher education administration, removed remediation from higher education. Open admission policies, and the student loan scam, allowed everyone who wanted a free check to come to campus to get one. Trouble was, most of these people had no interest in education, because, well, they were there for the […] … learn more→

College social promotion = failure

So, last year, Florida decided to fix the remediation scam in a childishly simple way: students that didn’t want to take remedial courses no longer had to do so. Students are customers, now, so shouldn’t have to do things they don’t want to do, or so those who rule higher education believe. Now, it’s been […] … learn more→

Social promotion comes to College

Social promotion comes to College

Many times I’ve warned that what’s going on in higher education today is mostly fraudulent, but rarely have I tried to link any of the fraud to the likewise mostly fraudulent “public” (more accurately, “government”) school system. This isn’t a simple oversight on my part—I prefer, when making such serious accusations, to have my own […] … learn more→