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South Africa's universities on the edge

South Africa’s universities on the edge

Universities in South Africa are in an impasse. Following widespread student protests last year, their fee levels are frozen. Even with the freeze, a large majority of South African families cannot afford university education, but the government’s commission to explore new ways of funding students will now only report in 2017. Meanwhile, inflation is at […] … learn more→

Ancient dino nursery the oldest ever found

A James Cook University researcher has helped unearth a 190-million-year-old dinosaur nesting site in South Africa, the oldest nesting site for dinosaurs ever found. The discovery, of the prosauropod dinosaur Massospondylus, at an excavation site in South Africa, has revealed significant clues about the evolution of complex reproductive behaviour in early dinosaurs. Led by University […] … learn more→

Confronting homophobia in South Africa

Cambridge academic Dr Andrew Tucker champions a direct approach to challenging the homophobia that destroys so many lives in South Africa. He has helped to set up a hard-hitting healthcare campaign that encourages a radical change in attitudes within the country’s most deprived communities. … learn more→