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Student debtors flee country

Student debtors flee country

Friend: “You’re an idiot. Inflation is only 1.5% according to the BLS, and that’s what it’s been for years.” Me: “How would you know? You’ve been in med school in the Czech Republic for what, 4 years now?” Friend: “Yeah, the tuition here is much cheaper. But I have the internet so I can see […] … learn more→

Income-based repayment tops repayment plan choice for first time

Income-based repayment tops repayment plan choice for first time

The latest data from the U.S. Department of Education show that more student debt is now being repaid through the Income-Based Repayment Plan (also called the Pay as You Earn plan, or PAYE) than any other repayment plan. Nearly one in three dollars in repayment is enrolled, totaling $188 billion out of $586 billion in […] … learn more→

Prostitution to eliminate student debt…seriously.

Prostitution to eliminate student debt…seriously.

Thanks to all the government attempts to make higher education “more affordable,” higher education is now ridiculously expensive. I’ve lightly written before how a distinct cadre of students prostitute themselves in order to pay tuition, at a “non profit” school that is all about raking in the money. In times past, you could get the […] … learn more→

The problem isn\’t student loans–it\’s Higher Education

Forgiving skyrocketing student debt won\’t solve the real problem, which is the soaring costs imposed by a cartel that is failing to prepare students for the economy of tomorrow. Everyone understands soaring student debt is a problem: burdened with $1.3 trillion in student loans, young people are unable to start businesses, buy homes and start […] … learn more→

The “good news” on student debt is not really all that good

Writing for the Huffington Post, Shahien Nasiripour reports that “Borrowing for College Is Set to Hit a Five Year Low.” More specifically, for the first time since the 2009-2010 academic year, student loans are likely to total less than $100 million. That sounds like good news. But it actually reflects very little change. In fact, […] … learn more→

LegalZoom jumps on student plunder bandwagon

LegalZoom is, I thought, one of the good things about the internet: you can get information you need for a pretty good price. I’ve used it for a few legal forms, and the few bucks I spent represented savings over having to deal with a lawyer. The student loan scam has indebted many people. Some […] … learn more→

New report on student debt asks the wrong question

Last week, Third Way released a report stating that people who attend public four-year universities graduate at higher rates if they have a goldilocks level of debt—some, but not too much. At best, that finding is flawed and unhelpful. This and other studies that use loan debt as their unit of analysis are dangerous because […] … learn more→

Paying for College: A problem of Degree(s)

Jon Levine reported about a decision on where to go to college made by an incoming freshman, Ronald Nelson, last month. It’s a dilemma faced by countless high school seniors across America about this time each year. Mr. Nelson is an outstanding student at Houston High School in Memphis who has earned entry into all […] … learn more→

Students revolt against debt. Finally.

Much of higher education is a fraud, and much of the reason higher education is such a huge fraud is the structure of the student loan scam. It’s a three step process. First, students take out loans for educations, not knowing the educations are bogus. Next, the students spend years in bogus schools, getting “educated”. […] … learn more→

The lonely shame of student debt

The phone rings. I answer. Credit-card collector—again. A pleasant voice on the other end of the line: “Can you please verify the last four digits of your Social Security number?” I verify. The voice then asks me if I consent to letting them use my phone number to contact me about my credit-card debt. I […] … learn more→