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Paying for College: A problem of Degree(s)

Jon Levine reported about a decision on where to go to college made by an incoming freshman, Ronald Nelson, last month. It’s a dilemma faced by countless high school seniors across America about this time each year. Mr. Nelson is an outstanding student at Houston High School in Memphis who has earned entry into all […] … learn more→

Students revolt against debt. Finally.

Much of higher education is a fraud, and much of the reason higher education is such a huge fraud is the structure of the student loan scam. It’s a three step process. First, students take out loans for educations, not knowing the educations are bogus. Next, the students spend years in bogus schools, getting “educated”. […] … learn more→

The lonely shame of student debt

The phone rings. I answer. Credit-card collector—again. A pleasant voice on the other end of the line: “Can you please verify the last four digits of your Social Security number?” I verify. The voice then asks me if I consent to letting them use my phone number to contact me about my credit-card debt. I […] … learn more→

28% of students with debt don’t know it

Integrity. It’s something of an antiquated concept anymore, but it really is worth nothing that every accredited institution promises to act with integrity. 1.1 The institution operates with integrity in all matters. (Integrity) …Failure of an institution to adhere to the integrity principle may result in a loss of accreditation… The very first principle of […] … learn more→

Who benefits from huge federal subsidies to US for-profit colleges?

A number of high-profile cases have put for-profit higher education in the US under the spotlight in recent months. In July, Corinithian Colleges, one of the largest for-profit providers in the country, agreed to sell 85 of its campuses and close another 12 after a number of investigations into its finances and marketing. This followed […] … learn more→

Porn star explains College. Almost.

Certainly, there are students in college that are not very bright. They’re actually a minority, dwarfed by the number of loan scammers on campus. I’d like to think the majority of students are reasonably bright; it sure seems like it when I talk to the students that still come to class once the loan checks […] … learn more→

Dealing with student loans one mess at a time hasn’t worked

Americans are beginning to realize that student loans pose a big problem. Total student-loan debt is now well over a trillion dollars (and is predicted to hit two trillion around 2020). About a third of young people who are supposed to be making payments on their loans are delinquent, and there is every reason to […] … learn more→

End student loan insanity

“Don’t worry about the student loan, because you’ll make so much more money once you get your degree…” –typical line from college administration when recruiting students. Every day I see another story on the insanity of student loan debt. They approach the madness from many different ways, but I’ll summarize: student loan debt exceeds a […] … learn more→

The student-loan rate impasse—or, at one point does an impasse make a crisis significantly worse?

Much attention has been paid to the ballooning accumulation of student debt and its short- and long-term impact on the U.S. economy. As a response to the Great Recession, most states dramatically reduced their subsidies supporting public colleges and universities over a series of annual budgets. In the last year or two, some states have […] … learn more→

Do away with your student loan debt – 4 instructions to help you

Student debt happens to be one of those problems that seem so enormous that it appears pretty difficult to deal with them. In fact, the task of dealing with student loan debt problems seems practically insurmountable. This can get all the more difficult if your student loan debt problems comes along with your moving into […] … learn more→