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Africa’s farmers and the Chinese green revolution narrative

The Chinese agricultural success story is not only distorted, but it is being misapplied in Africa. As Sub-Saharan Africa grapples with high food prices in some regions and famine in others, many experts argue that increasing food production through a program of hybrid seeds and chemical inputs is the way to go. This approach, marketed […] … learn more→

Bachelor of Agriculture and Land Management

The Bachelor of Agriculture and Land Management is a unique, vocationally oriented course that will provide graduates with the scientific, practical, critical and interpersonal skills and knowledge necessary for professionals employed in agriculture and natural resource management. … learn more→

Simplicity series: What does it mean to simplify your life? (Part 1)

Getting to simplicity can often be a journey of two steps forward, and one backward. Fortunately, world.edu\’s Rebecca Sargent is a few steps further ahead than most and is here to share her knowledge and experience with our community. In the first installment of her simplicity series, Rebecca looks into what it really means to simplify your life. … learn more→