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Have a clean, green spring

Now that spring is underway and the weather is warmer, thoughts turn to freshening up your surroundings. Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition, and can result in simplifying and organizing your home and/or office without impacting the environment by following some simple strategies. “Spring cleaning is a great time to think about your environmental impact […] … learn more→

The dance between the US and Japan in making our earth a happy home

A few months back Japan along with the US Department of Energy’s Office of Policy and International Affairs took part of a workshop, as they discussed how less common elements from the earth may play a part in eliminating additional outputs of carbon, for energy efficiency’s sake. For these out of the ordinary type elements of scandium, lanthanum […] … learn more→

Let no man say it cannot be done

We need an economy for the twenty-first century, one that is in sync with the earth and its natural support systems, not one that is destroying them. The fossil fuel-based, automobile-centered, throwaway economy that evolved in western industrial societies is no longer a viable model — not for the countries that shaped it or for those that are emulating them. In short, we need to build a new economy, one powered with carbon-free sources of energy — wind, solar, and geothermal — one that has a diversified transport system and that reuses and recycles everything. We can change course and move onto a path of sustainable progress, but it will take a massive mobilization — at wartime speed. … learn more→

3+ ways to green study abroad offices

Behind every student studying abroad, there are dedicated staff from his or her home institution assisting with everything from program applications, financial aid, credit transfer, visas, medical preparations, cultural orientations, packing lists, and even (occasionally) luggage tags.  So, when we consider ways to make education abroad more sustainable, let’s remember those who stay behind to […] … learn more→

Chemist focuses on education for real-world sustainability challenges

Introductory college science classes need to improve their coverage of issues related to sustainability, a noted chemistry educator told the American Association for the Advancement of Science. \”Across the nation, we have a problem,\” said Catherine Middlecamp, a distinguished faculty associate in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. \”We are using a 20th-century curriculum, and […] … learn more→