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Nothing certain but death & taxes? Not for Higher Ed.

Nothing certain but death & taxes? Not for Higher Ed.

Rick Seltzer reported recently in Inside Higher Education on a complex decision by Princeton University to settle litigation with neighboring homeowners who argued that the University was a profit-making institution and therefore subject potentially to millions of additional dollars in taxes annually. Arrangement Doesn’t Settle Issue of Tax Exemption The arrangement created an uncertain future, […] … learn more→

Getting the market to tell the truth

Moving the global economy off its current decline-and-collapse path depends on reaching four goals: stabilizing climate, stabilizing population, eradicating poverty, and restoring the economy’s natural support systems. These goals–comprising what the Earth Policy Institute calls “Plan B” to save civilization–are mutually dependent. All are essential to feeding the world’s people. It is unlikely that we […] … learn more→

Taxing workload suits Kenyan student

For some, the mere sight of taxes, balance sheets and percentages is enough to send them running away screaming, but for Francisca Atonga her passion for numbers has seen her become an award-winning accountancy student. The 29-year-old, of Maylands, who left Africa for Australia just two years ago, was recently honoured with Challenger Institute of […] … learn more→