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The role of the school in digital literacy begins with teacher training

The role of the school in digital literacy begins with teacher training

It is possible to imagine a scenario in a few years in which we talk about post- disinformation : overcoming and reversing the current trend towards post-truth can be achieved, as long as we provide the new generations with the necessary mechanisms to turn the lie around. The digitization of communication allows us, at the click of […] … learn more→

It’s time to rethink teacher training

It’s time to rethink teacher training

Over the past six years, we’ve had calls for teachers to be trained in everything from protecting girls from female genital mutilation to knowing how to recognise mental health issues in students. And the list of what teachers “should” or “could” be trained in is now very long. But while each call for training has […] … learn more→

How should online teacher programs be judged?

How should online teacher programs be judged?

Do teachers who learn the job online perform as well as teachers trained in the same kind of brick-and-mortar classroom they’re likely to teach in? A new set of proposals to regulate online teacher preparation programs from the federal government is an effort to find out which programs are working and which aren’t, but it’s […] … learn more→

Why scrap teaching degrees? There is no crisis in teacher education

A story in The Australian on the employment of teaching graduates and quality of teacher education programs implies there is a crisis in teacher education when there is not. Australian higher education institutions produce teachers of high quality. I am frequently contacted by international teaching agencies because they recognise that Australian teachers are adaptable and […] … learn more→

Will a new teacher loan assistance bill solve anything?

Earlier this month, legislators in the House and Senate introduced TELORA, a bipartisan bill to improve the confusing patchwork of federal loan programs for teachers. The new proposal implicitly seeks to streamline existing programs and has the explicit purpose “to encourage highly qualified individuals to enter and continue in the teaching profession, and to ensure […] … learn more→

Teacher training is ridiculously easy

Anyone in higher education can tell you there’s something very fishy about the Education departments on campus. Courses with parties instead of final exams, assignments that are laughably easy, and Education majors that act shocked when they take other courses and find out that the material listed on the syllabus is actually covered in the […] … learn more→

A fix for teacher education: the 3-year Degree

\”An Industry of Mediocrity\”— The Chronicle of Higher Education \”Teacher Training\’s Low Grade\”— The Wall Street Journal \”Are Teacher Prep Programs Worth the Money?\” ­— Marketplace Headlines were unanimous after the June release of the National Council on Teacher Quality\’s national study of teacher-preparation programs. The study\’s conclusions were precisely what the public had expected, […] … learn more→

New approach to preparing teachers can close student achievement gap

Public schools are increasingly moving toward a system known as the PreK-3rd approach, in which pre-kindergartens, full-day kindergartens, and primary grades are organized as a coordinated system of education. According to a Penn State researcher, the approach is lauded as a way to help solve the problem of the achievement gap. “The PreK-3rd vision is […] … learn more→