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Separating perks from principles

Separating perks from principles

The ongoing reduction of tenure-track positions at colleges and universities has been news for decades, and advocates for increased tenured positions usually point to rising numbers of administrators and unchecked administrator salaries as the root cause of this reduction and the site for change. I agree wholeheartedly that administrators are overpaid and overabundant, but another […] … learn more→

A hockey mom seeks tenure

I am an academic going through my midtenure review. It’s a process whereby senior colleagues in my department, along with other supervisors, review my job performance for the past two and a half years and make comments on whether I am on track to earn tenure. Several weeks ago, I nervously submitted my portfolio, which […] … learn more→

Of Brahmins and Dalits in the academic caste system

Traditionally, the three-pronged mission of our colleges and universities has been to provide high-quality education, encourage cutting-edge research, and promote professional and community service. The substitution of business-based policies for sound academic principles, however, has institutionalized a form of professional inequality that threatens all three. The growing distinction between tenured and tenure-track faculty members on […] … learn more→