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Admin to Tenured faculty: Drop dead

Admin to Tenured faculty: Drop dead

I’ve covered a few times the adjunctification of higher education, which is the replacement of full time faculty by “temporary workers” with no benefits, minimal pay, and the expectation that these temporary workers will remain as such indefinitely. I’ve also covered a few times how much administration really, really, wants to get rid of faculty, […] … learn more→

A philosopher looks at today’s Higher Education

I’ve certainly given the mathematician’s perspective on what’s going on higher education, and I’ve also provided the English professor’s perspective, and the Liberal professor’s perspective. Despite our disparate fields, we’ve independently come to the same conclusions regarding higher education today. A philosopher has provided his viewpoints as well, in a post entitled “The University as […] … learn more→

So you want to be a tenured ally

You’re tenured or on the tenure-track, and you would like to help out your non-tenure-track colleagues, but you’re not sure how. Oh, sure, you sign petitions online sometimes and maybe you’ve heard of some other suggestions, like including adjuncts and full-time NTTs on the department website, suggestions that you may or may not be able […] … learn more→

Wisconsin controversy: with fewer tenured positions, who benefits from academic freedom?

Sitting here in Madison, Wisconsin, a chancellor of two UW institutions, I find myself at the vortex of an enormous national conversation about tenure and shared governance. After decades of being enshrined in Wisconsin state law and often seen as the national gold standard for tenure protection, tenure policy in Wisconsin will now instead be […] … learn more→

Time for a teaching-intensive tenure track

In our recently published book, The Humanities, Higher Education, and Academic Freedom, we argue that the crisis in American academe has nothing to do with the intellectual content of research and teaching in the humanities, and everything to do with the labor conditions of most American college professors. We therefore propose, as a way of […] … learn more→

Professor quits tenure in protest of treatment

Most people’s vision of higher education comes basically from the movies: a typical professor has a secure job, a nice office, and can bloviate endlessly on bizarre topics. Only one of those is true. The secure job and nice office are basically things of the past. Higher education has changed, and now your typical professor […] … learn more→

Admin: We don\’t need no stinkin\’ due process

I very often hear in the news how tenure, the supposed “guaranteed job” is such a bad thing in higher education. Tenure supposedly granted protection against loss of job, which the tenured faculty can only lose through a due process, outlined in written policy. Tenured professors can be tough to fire, but they can be […] … learn more→

Tenure, the Presidential veto and abuse of power

The 1966 “Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities” (adopted by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) (http://www.aaup.org/report/), the Association of Governing Boards of Universities (AGBU), the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU)) stipulates unequivocally that “faculty status and related matters are primarily a faculty responsibility; […] … learn more→

A conservative defense of tenure

A standard feature of conservative and libertarian attacks on higher education is a polemic against tenure. My own view is that tenure is a fundamentally conservative institution—one that deserves to be defended. Although tenure is not in immediate danger at some of our best colleges, it’s naïve to believe that it has much of a […] … learn more→