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In search of a principled stance on toleration and acceptance

In search of a principled stance on toleration and acceptance

Opinions are not hard to come by, but merely having a position is not enough. The great achievement is in having a point of view that is defensible, that does not buckle under the pressure of scrutiny. The same is true of belief systems. Most people are interested not only in believing things, but in […] … learn more→

Tolerate thy neighbour

Forget the pretense of religious harmony. Since we all have to live together, tolerating one another is the best we\’ve got. Professor of Religion Adam Seligman thinks pluralism has had its day, so he\’s aiming for something more realistic. He\’s trying to see if we all can just get along, despite our religious differences. Seligman […] … learn more→

Tolerance grows for a wide variety of groups, except for Muslim extremists

Although Americans are increasingly tolerant of the open expression of a variety of views, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 have made most Americans reluctant to extend those freedoms to Muslim extremists, research released this week by NORC at the University of Chicago shows. The finding, reported in NORC\’s General Social Survey, illustrates a […] … learn more→