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Plagiarism: It’s All Greek to Some

Plagiarism: It’s All Greek to Some

Now more than ever, the issue of truth, integrity and value are paramount to postsecondary education. With the current debate surrounding facts and alternate facts, academia must do all it can to hold the line and ensure it instills a code of practice that serves to protect and support knowledge development, rather than draw into […] … learn more→

Transnational education: What impact on local institutions?

At the recently held Going Global 2013 conference organized by the British Council in Dubai, transnational education (TNE) featured prominently in the various sessions. We heard about the impulse for universities in the developed world to set up branch campuses in other countries; about the rationales for countries to attract international branch campuses with a […] … learn more→

The future of transnational education

Are we witnessing the death throes of transnational education? At least within Australia, transnational education (TNE) has been a key aspect of the internationalisation strategies of tertiary institutions. Universities in other parts of the world have not all joined Australia in this activity. The Erasmus Programme has been an important tool for European internationalisation strategies […] … learn more→