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Truth is a “racist myth”?

Truth is a “racist myth”?

I wrote earlier of how we’re being bombarded with false “facts” so obviously wrong that there’s little choice but for rational people to start considering what the fake media refers to as “alternative facts.” What happened to us as a people that we no longer can agree on even the most basic of concepts, like […] … learn more→

You have your History, I have mine

Recently, it seems, one headline after another has been rooted in the long ago. Poland’s prime minister demands an apology after the FBI director suggests that the Poles were complicit in the Holocaust. Turkey’s president rails against the pope for saying that, a century ago, the Turks committed genocide against the Armenians. Japan’s prime minister […] … learn more→

The attack on truth

To see how we treat the concept of truth these days, one might think we just don’t care anymore. Politicians pronounce that global warming is a hoax. An alarming number of middle-class parents have stopped giving their children routine vaccinations, on the basis of discredited research. Meanwhile many commentators in the media — and even […] … learn more→