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Wiping memories to tackle alcoholism

Researchers at the University of Cambridge believe connections developed in the brain between the ‘drug high’ of alcohol and the situations in which it’s used create loaded memories that unconsciously trigger cravings – often leading to relapse in alcoholics. New research using rodent models reveals that drug treatment administered when a memory is forcibly surfaced […] … learn more→

Test your memory!

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have launched what could be the world’s biggest ever memory experiment. Yasemin Yazar, Dr Zara Bergström and Dr Jon Simons from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Experimental Psychology, along with Dr Charles Fernyhough from Durham University, have teamed up with the Guardian to run an online experiment for […] … learn more→

New Cambridge study measures countries’ well-being

At the heart of any country’s progress lies the well-being of its people. How to accurately and effectively determine well-being is the subject of a recent study at the University of Cambridge. ‘Flourishing across Europe’ scored 23 European countries across 10 distinct elements that define well-being. The study is significant as it employs an objective, […] … learn more→

Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business

The Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business (PCSB) is a Masters-level programme It is designed to help senior and mid career managers to develop corporate strategies to embed the principles of sustainability into their organisations and to identify the opportunities for sustainable business practice. … learn more→

Unsociable networks

Silicon Valley-style tech clusters don’t just make social networks – they are also supposed to thrive on them. A new study by a University of Cambridge Gates Scholar found otherwise. … learn more→