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NZ among nations making no progress on child maltreatment

New Zealand is named in a major international study involving the University of Otago as one of six states and countries which have no clear evidence of a decrease in child maltreatment over the past two decades. Led by Professor Ruth Gilbert, University College London Institute of Child Health (ICH), the study, just published in […] … learn more→

University of Otago research shows spirituality important in healthcare

A University of Otago study has offered a working definition of spirituality to help healthcare professionals better understand its importance for those faced with illness and death in an age when fatal illnesses are often prolonged. “What is spirituality? Evidence from a New Zealand hospice study” by Richard Egan, Rod MacLeod, Chrystal Jaye, Rob McGee, […] … learn more→

DNA confirms existence of NZ bird thought extinct

An examination of ancient and modern DNA by the University of Otago has confirmed that the New Zealand storm-petrel, once thought to be extinct, is a bird which continues to fly our southern skies. University of Otago Senior Lecturer in Zoology Dr Bruce Robertson, who led the study, says the research confirms that the storm […] … learn more→