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As next supercontinent forms, Arctic ocean, Caribbean will vanish first

Geologists at Yale University have proposed a new theory to describe the formation of supercontinents, the epic process by which Earth’s major continental blocks combine into a single vast landmass. The new model radically challenges the dominant theories of how supercontinents might take shape. In a paper published Feb. 9 in the journal Nature, Yale […] … learn more→

First independent review of provincial-level environmental data in China

A team of researchers jointly led by Yale University and Columbia University has released a report that introduces a framework for assessing China’s environmental management and performance. This analysis offers the first independent review of Chinese provincial-level environmental performance by international researchers. The report, “Towards a China Environmental Performance Index,” introduces a model framework for […] … learn more→

Yale University transitions to single-stream recycling

Separating paper, bottles, and cans for recycling will soon be a task of the past at Yale. Over the last year, the University has been transitioning to single-stream recycling — a system that allows recyclers to deposit cans, bottles, and other glass, plastic and metal containers in bins along with mixed paper. Yale Facilities is […] … learn more→