Teaching kids about the Environment a never ending task

\"AdventCreate an Advent Wreath from Natural Materials

It is just as well that teaching kids to value the environment is never ending as the topic is so interesting. It gives teachers and parents something to talk about right throughout the year.

Rather than work this topic into everything parents and teachers do and say; it is easier to become really environmentally aware so that care for and love of the environment is naturally reflected through aspects of educational and home life.   it will find its way into topic selection, project management and style of delivery for lessons and fun projects.

Making Gifts and Decorations from Recycled and Natural Materials

The article How to Make Musical Instruments from Junk provides adults with ideas for projects that they can do with kids using recycled materials.  This not only means that children can make affordable Christmas presents they will enjoy giving to others.   It also means they will have hours of fun and perhaps learn a little about the story behind the story of music while they are creating.  Environmentally aware adults could augment this activity with a history lesson about How Junk Sculpture Originated.

Conserving Integrity – Inquiry Projects and Investigating Nature

If parents have the funds, it would be fun if they installed digital fractal software on the computer for the children to experiment with over the holidays.  This will not only give them hours of fun, but they will come to understand the amazing complexity of the world.  They will also be overawed by the simplicity of the building blocks from which the world has been fashioned.  Fractal Art is a fascinating art style; show them the Fractal Art of Tina Oloyede.  Allow them to experiment on the computer and supply them with some canvases upon which they can paint their final results.  They may well come up with artwork you were not anticipating!   If they young people seem to really enjoy this kind of environmental exploration a copy of Eye on the Environment from the local library gives a starting point for visual journaling as an investigation of the natural environment.

An Exciting Affordable – Recycled but Beautiful Christmas

There are many resources available that provide ways for you to have a lot of fun with children this Christmas. Projects do not need to burst the bank or leave a huge carbon footprint on the environment.

The Miracle of the First Poinsettia a Mexican Christmas Story is a Mexican story book briming with socio and emotional learning.   Share the Miracle of the First Poinsettia with children accompanied by origami activities.  The value of activities and stories such as these is that they reclarify for children what Christmas is about.  The simple, humble Poinsettia becomes the focus of Christmas celebration.  By pointing out that this beautiful flower is all that a humble loving child needs to express her love of the baby Jesus at Christmas leads children to the idea that environment and love of family and friends is what we treasure most at Christmas.  Activities such as making origami Poinsettia flowers can be hung as decorations from the Christmas tree.    Christmas Advent Wreathes can be made from natural materials found in the bush or the country side.


As we enter the time called the “Christmas rush” take time to slow down.  Ponder what is really the most important message for you this Christmas.  Search the web and the book shops; you are sure to find resources that will make having a peaceful reflective easier and more enjoyable.


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