The Eco Lifestyle Handbook: Over 2000 Tips for the Home & Garden


Product Description

Living green seems easier said than done, but The Eco Lifestyle Handbook shows how to make smart and simple choices that add up to a big difference. Quick to implement and cost effective, these 2,000 easy-to-follow tips can make every lifestyle more eco-friendly. Helpful hints on how to shop and what to buy, deal with waste at the home and office, garden and grow, and much more will enable readers to become greener world citizens and reduce their carbon footprints.

Some tips for living an eco-smart lifestyle:

  • Do Some Solar Sums: Choose a solar-powered calculator rather than one that relies on chemical batteries.
  • Use Recycled Foil: Because aluminum foil has a major environmental impact during its production, be sure to use 100% recycled foil.
  • Body Beautiful: Go for plant- rather than petroleum-based products; they\’re more natural and require a lot less processing.
  • Return to Maker: Buy from a manufacturer who will take back your old computer and dispose of it. You\’ll be supporting a more responsible approach to e-waste.

About the Author

Esme Floyd is a writer specializing in health, science and lifestyle subjects. She has written for UK publications Zest and Men\’s Health, and is the author of seven 1001 titles, including 1001 Little Beauty Miracles. She lives in Brighton, England. Sarah Callard has been writing about natural lifestyles for more than ten years, including a weekly \’green\’ column for the Saturday Telegraph, and for the Independent, the Observer and Ethical Living magazine.

She lives an eco-friendly life in Devon, England. Diane Millis is an editor and writer who covers topics such as natural and organic products, sustainability, parks and landscapes, and urban design. She was editor of the UK\’s leading organic products magazine, Natural Products, and Green Places, the journal for the Landscape Design Trust. She lives in West Sussex, England.