The three reasons to visit Singapore



Singapore is one of the biggest countries having a multi-cultural society, a beautiful island where different and ancient cultures meet and greatly merges into the Singapore’s culture. Singapore with this reason is loaded up with multi-cuisine food packages. In fact, Singapore is listed in top ten most beautiful tourist destinations in the world; it’s a great feeling to be there.
The 3 Reasons to visit Singapore:

1.    Best of the Shopping Places

For the entire tourist around the world Singapore is the biggest shopping ecstasy. Singapore is famous for all the shopping Malls and shopping Complex like:
•    Orchard Road
•    City Hall
•    The Little India
•    China town houses
These shopping areas offer you one of the most unexpected finds in Singapore. One more benefit that Singapore offers the tourist is that the tourist landing on the Changi airport can enjoy the tax free shopping policy, giving some release to your pockets.

2.    The Multi-Cuisine Food varieties

This place is truly a heaven for all the food lovers around the world. Food here is the passion of the people and feeding is most common in Singapore. The multi-cuisine trend in Singapore offers you so much that you can get confused in what to eat and what not to leave. You can easily find tastes from all over the world and the Hybrid touch of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and Indonesian delicious food collides together to give you the ultimate essence of the quality of food that Singapore offers. Both the parts the High class restaurants and the Hawker Stalls equally are important in the Singapore multi-cuisine culture. It really doesn’t matters that weather you always go for high class restraints for the best chef made food or to the Hawker stalls, they both will definitely leave you with only one thing in your mind i.e. DELICIOUS!!!!!

3.    The Beautiful Architecture

When you enter into this fantasy world the first thing that will blow your mind is it beautiful architecture and cleanliness. One of the biggest landmark’s of the carved architecture is The Helix Bridge; which is also the first double helix structure made with such a precision and accuracy all around the world. Same is the engineering of the Singapore Flyer which gives you the marvelous view of the city Skyline. These views are so pleasing to the eyes that you can hardly forget them for your whole life.

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Author: Angel Allington is a regular visitor to Singapore