The top 5 unusual ways to land an interview



Tired of sending out resumes and never hearing back? Maybe it\’s time to try a new approach.

Check out these five unusual methods to landing an interview:

Start an online campaign

Remember Matthew Epstein, the man behind the “Google, please hire me” online campaign? His premise was simple: create buzz and draw attention to himself. This buzz and attention would then lead mega-giant Google to notice his efforts, therefore resulting in a job interview.

Though Epstein didn’t end up at Google, he had the right idea. When you draw attention to your accomplishments in an unusual way, you stand out. One way to capture this type of attention and highlight why you deserve a job interview is through an online campaign.

You can do a number of things to create an online campaign. Like Epstein, you can develop a website that houses your accomplishments, recommendations, and plans for the future. You can also use the power of social media and your network to do the talking for you. Whatever method you chose, ensure your “it” factor is highlighted, such as awards you’ve won or a stacked resume. You’ll be memorable in the eyes of the organization when you do so.

Create an inside relationship

It’s always better to know someone on the inside. From the CEO’s assistant to the HR Director, having an internal referral may be your golden ticket to an interview.

If you already know someone, make use of that connection. When you start at that new job, and do the job well, the person who recommended you will look good for making the introduction.

If you don’t already know someone, making a connection can be easier than you think.

To develop this inside relationship, identify people who are in the best position to help you. Next, come up with a compelling reason to make a connection. For example, connect with an assistant by mentioning you want to learn more about the company. Finally when you are in these initial conversations, ask for advice, not for a job. You’ll find people are willing you to help after the relationship is established.

Send a plan before they ask for it

It’s not a requirement to do a lot of legwork before an interview. However, showing you’re already thinking like an employee is never a bad thing. Demonstrate your abilities by sending your vision or plan for the position. This plan doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed, either. It just has to explain your insight into current company operations and what you would do to improve them. This shows how you can make the organization better before it’s even required to do so.

Promote them

As with the last point, you’re not required to do anything before you get hired. However, if you do nothing you won’t have differentiated yourself from the competition. Most organizations want to know what you can do for them — what your ROI will be. You can improve that ROI by promoting them before you even start the job. Promote them through your social networks, starting conversations on forums, or mentioning the company in networking events not only creates buzz, but also creates a name for yourself. Advocating for the organization when it’s not required also shows your admiration and enthusiasm for the position.

Suggest a meeting

Sometimes all you need is a 30-minute meeting to prove yourself. Why not suggest one? Rather than ask for a formal interview, simply request a sit-down conversation.

Sitting down with a member of the organization can do a few things. First, it creates a relationship. Second, it gives you a chance to pitch yourself outside of your competition. Since the job search process can sometimes turn candidates into just a resume or a number, an in-person meeting puts you on the same level as a standing employee. Even if there currently isn’t an opening, initiating a meeting shows your interest in the company, which may bode well for you in the future.

In today’s job market, you should embrace every opportunity to stand out from your peers. Don’t simply do what’s required. Invest the time to differentiate yourself

By considering your audience first and selecting the appropriate tactic, you can use these unusual yet efficient methods to obtain an interview and fly past the competition because you took an unconventional route to success.

What do you think? What are some other unusual ways to land an interview?

Author Bio: Alan Carniol is the Founder of Interview Success Formula, a program that helps job seekers to deliver powerful answers that prove why they are the right person for the job.