Tips for undergraduate students who are thinking about Law School



Many students who are currently in the process of obtaining their undergraduate degrees are considering law school. A lot of these students follow Suzzanne Uhland and other prominent attorneys on Twitter and feel inspired to pursue their own path in law. While law school can be a great plan for when you finish your undergraduate studies, there are some things you should keep in mind if you plan on following this path. Here are some tips for undergraduate students who are considering law school when they finish obtaining their bachelor’s degree.

A Pre-Law Major Is Definitely Not Required

Although a pre-law major can be a great choice for those who are certain that they want to follow the path to law school, it is most definitely not a requirement. Medical students are wise to get a pre-medical degree, as it satisfies all of their necessary undergraduate courses. Law school, however, does not require that you take any specific courses during your undergraduate studies. Therefore, you can major in whatever you choose.

Good Grades Are Essential

There is no specific major that aspiring attorneys should choose in undergrad. The most important thing is that you obtain a high GPA during your first four years of school. Law schools won’t be looking at your major as much as they’ll be examining what sort of grades you got during your time in college.

LSAT Scores Definitely Matter

It’s never too early to start studying for the LSAT exam, which is basically the PSAT or ACT for law school acceptance. The higher you score on your LSAT exam, the more options you’ll have for when it comes to choosing which law school you want to attend. To get into the best law schools, your goal should be to have a high GPA and fantastic LSAT exam scores.

Take Advantages Of Internships And Shadowing Opportunities Early On

It’s never too early to look into interning at a law firm or shadowing at a law firm. These experiences look great on your resume and will help to set you apart from other candidates. Additionally, they will give you invaluable experience and more insight into your future career of choice. Plus, the attorneys that you work with can give you some wonderful advice about what you can expect as you go forward on your path towards becoming a lawyer. This can also be where you figure out exactly what sort of law that you would like to practice upon finishing law school.

Gain Work Experience And Participate In Clubs And Sports

Law schools aren’t just looking for candidates with a high GPA. Rather, they are looking for candidates who are well-rounded and interesting individuals. During your undergraduate studies, your goal should always be to create a more diverse and compelling resume. It’s a great idea to take advantage of opportunities such as studying abroad for a semester or being the president of a student club. These details will help to make you a more appealing candidate and could potentially set you apart from the competition.

Law school can be expensive, taxing and challenging, but the result of this three year endeavor can be extremely worthwhile. You don’t even have to become an attorney. A law degree can help to secure you a job in business or government as well. While the road to law school can be difficult, if you follow these tips, you will finish your undergraduate studies as a worthy and competitive candidate. Just remember to always work hard and keep your eye on the prize.