University of Virginia


The University of Virginia signed the Talloires Declaration in 1991 and enacted an updated energy and sustainability policy in 2006. Since February 2007, all new and major renovation building projects are required to be LEED certified. In March 2007, the University issued a comprehensive report on sustainability initiatives and has adopted a road map for future initiatives. In October 2008, the President\’s Committee on Sustainability was created and is composed of students, faculty, and staff.

  • The University completed a carbon emissions inventory in 2008 and is currently developing a carbon reduction plan.
  • The University has adopted energy conservation, green building, and recycling policies.
  • In addition to information sharing, outreach to others on Grounds, and networking with the local communities, the Sustainability Advisory Panel has acted as the lead team in developing the utilization of the SPeAR (Sustainable Project Appraisal Routine) process as a methodology to assess annually the sustainability of the University\’s policies, plans and projects. This system was developed by the world-recognized firm of Ove Arup and Partners, leaders in sustainability planning and projects for many years, and was initiated at the University with their direct involvement over the past year.