U. S. Virgin Islands hotels and lodging – Caribbean ecotourism


\"\"Planning to travel to the Virgin Islands?  Be sure to check out some of the ecotourism resorts. According to the website eco-tropicalresorts, there are several Virgin Island lodging locations which fit in perfectly with Caribbean ecotourism.

Northside Valley, located on the west end of St. Croix, offers two-bedroom villas complete with full bath/showers and kitchens featuring efficient gas stoves. Committed to preserving resources, Northside Valley recycles and reuses as much as possible and provides a recycle and compost bin in each villa.  This resort captures fresh rainwater for use in the villas and is home to lush landscaping.

Located on Water Island is the eco-sensitive resort Virgin Island Campground. Enjoy the view of the pristine water from your private terrace. The tent-cottages located at this resort bring you close to nature while giving you the comforts of a hotel room. Keeping a low environmental footprint, Virgin Island Campground uses captured water for their sinks and showers which is heated by solar energy. Bike and snorkel rentals are available.

Keep cool in the tropics while enjoying this U. S. Virgin Islands lodging known as Mount Victory Camp in St. Croix. Featuring platform dwellings and bungalows in a natural and private setting; each shelter can accommodate up to six people. Shelters can be kept open or partially or fully closed.  Every dwelling features an efficiency kitchen. In addition, tent campsites are available for visitors traveling with their own gear.

Enjoy nightly entertainment, water sports, craft programs and more at Maho Tent Cottages. Called the \”Best Value in the Caribbean,\” by the New York Times, this environmental showplace is located on the north shore of St. John. Featuring 114 tent-cottages, this resort has rainwater catchments on almost every building and collects about 345,000 gallons of water each year.

With spectacular views of not only the ocean, but the Virgin Islands National Park as well, Maho Tent Cottages offers travelers on a budget an inexpensive location to stay while enjoying the beauty of the Virgin Islands. Located nearby within Virgin Island National Park is Harmony Studios. Using recycled building materials and solar energy, this 12 studio resort is near hiking trails and the beautiful white sand beaches that St. John has to offer. In the Southeast corner of St. John lies Concordia Eco-Tents. These comfortable tent-cottages can sleep up to six people. Featuring spectacular views, this facility uses solar heated showers and odorless composting toilets in an effort to maximize conservation.

Looking for something luxurious? Enjoy a freshwater pool, secluded location and breathtaking views at Estate Concordia Studios. With four styles of studios to choose from, Estate Concordia offers fully equipped kitchens and large open-air rooms. Keeping with Caribbean ecotourism is the Hillcrest Guest House located at Cruz Bay on St. John\’s in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This facility is one of the oldest and most established bed and breakfast resorts on St. John. Situated on a hill overlooking the Virgin Islands, Hillcrest Guest House offers complimentary food and pickup service from dock and beach equipment.

With U.S. Virgin Islands hotels and lodging, travelers have numerous choices when it comes to picking a resort that is environmentally friendly. The above mentioned locations work hard to be eco-friendly while providing guests with tropical surroundings to maximize the enjoyment of their vacations.