Volunteering Projects in Ethiopia


The Global Volunteer Network currently has opportunities to work with children and their community through our partner organization in Ethiopia. Volunteers will assist our partner organisation\’s mission to rescue children off the streets and give them a better life. The mission cares for around 15 – 20 children aged 5 – 14 who live together in the home. Volunteers will live on site with the director, caring for and teaching the children. This is a Christian-based organisation, however, volunteers from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Program Location

The program is located in the suburb of Asko, about 9 km outside the capital city of Addis Ababa. Volunteers will also spend two days a week in Addis Ababa for the Feeding Program.

Ethiopia Program

Volunteers will be responsible for teaching the children with a focus on English and mathematics. With the aid of a local translator, volunteers will plan and run lessons for the children. Additionally, volunteers with musical and computer skills are needed to instruct the children in these areas. After class, volunteers are encouraged to introduce new games and team building ideas, teach the children new songs, languages, involve them in art projects, as as well as generally giving them the love and attention they need.

Two days a week volunteers have the opportunity to serve at a local feeding center where meals are provided to the street community; a large percentage of this community are children.

Please note that this project requires volunteers who are self-starters, who can take part in a flexible schedule, and who can work with minimal supervision.Teaching experience is not required, but volunteers must be prepared to plan lessons and run classes for the children. Volunteers need to be fluent in English and be good with children.


Program Requirements

As a volunteer in Ethiopia you must:

  • be between 18 and 59 years of age
  • have no major health problems
  • have some skills in working with children, education, music, computers

If you are interested in joining this project and would like further information, please click here

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