Wellness program provides return on investment for Eastman Chemical Company



Eastman partners with HealthFitness to provide an integrated wellness program, including health risk assessments, biometric screenings, fitness management, lifestyle behavior programs, health awareness programs, face-to-face health coaching, and more.

The wellness program incorporates targeted incentives and creative communication to encourage employee engagement. In 2009, 89 percent of the employees completed a health risk assessment, which is a key component of the company\’s health strategy. \”We have relatively low turnover, about 2 percent, so we have a vested interest in the health and productivity of our workforce,\” explains David Sensibaugh, director of integrated health at Eastman. \”We have made significant improvements in reducing health risks around physical activity, tobacco, diabetes, blood glucose, cholesterol and hypertension.\”

The company strives to educate employees about health care costs, while working to instill a greater sense of personal accountability. \”Eastman has worked hard to provide a corporate culture of health for its employees,\” explained Gregg O. Lehman, CEO of HealthFitness. \”Wellness programs engage employees and provide them with long-term health education strategies that can be incorporated into their daily lives for years to come.\”