Which College graduates will earn the most money In 2013?


There’s good news waiting for students who are in college right now. According to a report that was released by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE) this year, college graduates are getting higher starting salaries as compared with what they were getting in 2012. The trend is happening in several disciplines. There are over 1.8 million people who are to become part of the job market for this year alone, and many of them are holders of Bachelor’s Degrees. This infographic was created by Open Colleges.

Rising Average Salaries

The report showed that the average salaries earned by different disciplines have risen for this year. Compared to 2012, the average salary has risen by 5.3%. All the disciplines experienced a raise with Health Sciences getting the highest from $45,442 to 9,713 or an increase of 9.4% in average earnings. Humanities and Social Sciences got the least increase from $36,371 to $37,058 which translates to a 1.9% increase.

Here is a list of the different disciplines and the increase in the average salary of each field:
• Health Sciences 9.4%
• Business 7.1%
• Education 5.1%
• Computer Science 4.3%
• Engineering 4.0%
• Communications 3.8%
• Math and Sciences 3.1%
• Humanities and Social Sciences 1.9 %

Highest Paying Majors

You should also consider the highest paying college majors when you are thinking of what to study for college. That’s not the only thing to think about but it should be a major factor. You also have to consider if you have the aptitude and the inclination to go into a certain field. Petroleum Engineering tops the list here with a starting median pay of $97.9K, while the mid-career median pay in it is $155K. Here are some of the other top earners:
• Computer Science $56.6K (Starting median pay)
• Biomedical Engineering $53.8K (Starting median pay)
• Software Engineering $54.9K (Starting median pay)
• Applied Mathematics $52.6K (Starting median pay)

Top Paying Industries

The kind of industry is also another major factor that should be considered by students today when they want to pick a high-paying job. According to reports that were released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a great difference between the average starting salaries of new college graduates who are entering various industries.
As expected the Oil and Gas Extraction together with Mining and Quarrying are the industries that offer the most lucrative starting salaries. The average starting salary within these industries is $ 84,182. That’s far beyond the industry with the second best starting salary which is at $56,955 for Business Management.