‘Winning without losing’



How to become an ultra successful entrepreneur while living a happy and balanced life? Some might say it’s not possible. However, a new book developed by two Cambridge alumni seeks a contemporary answer to the age old question.

Contrary to traditional examples of those that have achieved financial wealth at any cost and have sacrificed other areas of their life, the authors look to show that the opposite is possible and reveal a new model.

By interviewing \’Role Models\’ from all over the world, to discover how they manage to be successful and live a balanced life at the same time.

The project asks users to contribute to the book by becoming a co-author, and submitting a chapter into the book and getting credited for it. Users are also asked to rate and comment on chapters, and by joining the wiki they can edit the text.

The project has been developed by Jordan Milne and Bent Haugland together with Danish serial entrepreneur, Martin Bjergegaard.

They have already interviewed and engaged many world leaders in entrepreneurship and have contributors including: Tony Hsieh (Zappos), Jason Fried (37 Signals), Caterina Fake (Flickr), Chad Troutwine (Veritas Prep and Producer of the movie version of Freakonomics), Brad Feld
(Techstars), Jake Nickell (Threadless), Derek Sivers (CD Baby), N.R. Murthy (Infosys), Christian Stadil (Hummel), Mitch Thrower (Active.com), Stefan Glaenzer (Last.fm) as well as internationally renowned business psychologists and many more.

Dr Jo Mills, Programme Director at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, said: \”It is wonderful to see Jordan get this creative concept off the ground following his participation in our programme! The project has clearly already galvanized interest and we\’d encourage entrepreneurs to get involved.\”