Woollen coffins out in UK


UK textile company Hainsworth has branched out to produce environmentally friendly woollen coffins.

The coffins are made of thick felt from British fleeces, which are spread across a recycled cardboard frame.

The coffins – which come in dark brown or \”natural\” white – have cotton and polythene liners and jute edging and handles.

The box is biodegradable, suitable for burials and cremations, and costs between $1010 and $1180.

Hainsworth, a 225-year family-run textile factory in Leeds, has sold about 500 of the coffins since June. They are promoted as the world\’s first woollen coffins.

Hainsworth spokeswoman Victoria Mellor said: \”British wool often goes into making carpets, but due to the problems in the housing market there has been less demand and farmers have suffered\”. Prince Charles is said to have given the royal thumbs up to the coffins and hopes to show them off at an upcoming pro-sustainability garden party at his Clarence House home.