server outages


We wish to apologize for the extreme server outages over the past 24 hours. Unfortunately the provision of service is beyond our control at present.

On the morning of the 9th June the service went down yet again. At that point we became very disturbed as this was the fifth major disruption to service in two days.

The problem had become very serious by mid day on the 9th. Our sites could not be accessed and we were getting no response from the support team.

As I write this explanation to you the site has just become reachable again 18 plus hours after the first outage yesterday.

We are evaluating our options at present. We obviously do not want to jump from the frying pan into the fire but know there is a need to move to a reliable and robust service.

Our first priority is to get the site operative and useable. Once this is achieved we will discuss remedies to our many problems and complaints with our current hosting provider. It is most likely that we will then migrate the sites to another service provider.

We will keep you informed as best possible.


Kevin Ryall