Youth Insearch Programs


Through weekend programs and follow up support groups young people address the reasons behind their:

  • abuse of drugs and/or alcohol
  • anti-social behaviour
  • turning to crime
  • lack of any motivation to obtain employment
  • continue with their education

By drawing on the resources of other young people and addressing the real problem or unresolved issue, young people seek positive alternatives in their lives and are encouraged to create their own peer support network turning away from a life governed by substance abuse, anti-social behaviour and crime.

A typical weekend program would consist of approximately 50 young people and 10 to 15 support adults. Topics explored at throughout the weekend include communication, trust, self-esteem, parent/adolescent relationships, drug & alcohol abuse, suicide, adolescent health, sexual assault and grief.

Adults adopt a mentor role in this process. It is the young people who have experienced similar issues and can relate to each other who provide the guidance and support.

Balance of proposed 2010 program dates:

5th – 7th – Qld- Linville, Duckadang
26th – 28th – NSW – Kurrajong Heights,mas

3rd – 5th – Qld- Bundaberg
10th – 12th – VIC- Rawson

Beginning of 2011
12th – 13th Team Leader and Hassles Training
18th – 20th NSW – Kurrajong Heights
25th – 27th QLD- Bundaberg