Youth Insearch success stories



“I used to have no self confidence, no self esteem and everything I did was for others. Youth Insearch has taught me that people can accept me for who I am. I now have the confidence to be myself and not be who others want me to be just to make them happy”.

Grace – 19 yrs Port Macquarie NSW


“I found a sense of belonging at Youth Insearch. I saw other young people who had been through similar experiences and were making some amazing progress in their lives. It was really the first time that I believed I could do anything I wanted with my life. One of my major goals in my life is to get married have a family and become a good father. That will signal the fact that I have completely broken the cycle”.

Heath – 26 yrs Baulkham Hills NSW


“Youth Insearch is my family, it’s a home away from home. It has helped me overcome my past. It taught me that you can’t forget your past but you get past it and you move on”.

Missy – 19 yrs Port Macquarie NSW