Youth Insearch


How does Youth Insearch work?

Pre Program

All young people, parents/guardians and their support person are briefed by a representative from Youth Insearch before they attend their first weekend program.

The Weekend Program

The young people come to the program with a support person from their own area. On average there will be 5-10 young people to each support person. The program commences on a Friday evening and concludes on Sunday afternoon.

Each program has around 65 people attending, with 50% of the participants having attended a previous program. A safe family environment is established, so participants are able to develop trust and communication skills. This sets a platform where barriers can be broken down and participants discuss issues including family breakdown, domestic violence, sexual abuse, bullying, effects of drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and grief issues. Positive solutions are discussed within the group. Counsellors and case workers find this an ideal tool to break ground with resistant young people.

By drawing on the resources of other young people and addressing the real problem or unresolved issue, young people seek positive alternatives in their lives and are encouraged to create their own peer support network, turning away from a life that is governed by substance abuse, anti social behaviour and crime.

At the end of the program participants are briefed and support networks are established for post program support.

After Care and Support

Youth Insearch ensures that each young participant is able to embark on a program of change whilst remaining in his or her own home or school environment. This is done successfully through formal support groups and peer networks before and during the program. Their support person will organise the support groups and any other professional counselling and follow up, as required by each individual.

Youth Leaders

The team of Youth Insearch leaders are an integral part of the program. Their role is to provide positive role models to the participants. During the programs they are responsible for the overall administration of the program and they also facilitate various sessions and activities. They have a code of ethics that they follow as a guide for their lifestyle.

Support People

The support people are an integral part of the Youth Insearch programs, providing support and motivation to young participants and youth leaders. A support person is a person who usually works professionally with young people in a role of youth worker, counsellor, police officer, school teacher or school nurse.