Monthly Archives: November 2010

HKUST holds Asia\’s first carbon-neutral congregation

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has recently held the first carbon-neutral university congregation in Asia. A post-event carbon audit has shown that HKUST\’s 2010 Congregation, held over three days from 10 to 12 November at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium on campus, achieved carbon neutrality based on British Standards Institution\’s […] … learn more→

Innovative optical mapping of New Zealand catastrophe helps to reduce risk from geological hazards

Scientists from the University of Southampton have used an innovative optical mapping technique to help reduce the risk to towns and cities from geological hazards, such as landslides. The researchers, working with colleagues in New Zealand, used a technique called Light Detection and Ranging technology (LIDAR) to identify and accurately measure changes in coastal features […] … learn more→

Interview with Seymour Turkey remembering his cousins

November is the time of the year that families gather together. Some holidays are not a happy occasion for all. Interview with Seymour Turkey … learn more→

5 ways to take part in International Volunteer Day

What are your plans for Sunday, December 5? Here are five ideas for celebrating International Volunteer Day. … learn more→

Republican congressional gains may limit green sector job growth

The Republican gains in Congress may limit spending on future green construction projects. … learn more→

Teaching kids about the Environment a never ending task

Rather than work the environment as a topic into everything we teach do and say; it is easier to become really environmentally aware so that this is naturally reflected through aspects of educational and home life. … learn more→

New Insight hybrid thirstier, but more practical

Honda\’s new Insight small car may use two-thirds more fuel than the 2001 version of the car with the same name, but the car maker claims it will have a more beneficial effect on the planet. The Japanese maker says the new Insight, which will become Australia\’s cheapest hybrid when it goes on sale next […] … learn more→

Cycling is all about \’me time\’, freedom and a return to childhood

A ground breaking study into the image of cycling in Britain by a research team from the University of the West of England has revealed that people who regularly make small trips by bike are primarily motivated to get on their bikes by the sense of freedom, the opportunity for a bit of \’me time\’ […] … learn more→

CU-Boulder works to keep computers out of the waste stream

The University of Colorado goes through a lot of computers. Jack DeBell, recycling program development director at CU\’s Environmental Center, likes to joke that every new National Science Foundation grant given to the school comes standards with a line item for new computers. But that has also made CU the perfect place for a couple […] … learn more→

The warming of Antarctica: A citadel of ice begins to melt

The fringes of the coldest continent are starting to feel the heat, with the northern Antarctic Peninsula warming faster than virtually any place on Earth. These rapidly rising temperatures represent the first breach in the enormous frozen dome that holds 90 percent of the world’s ice. … learn more→