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The rise and rise of Hinglish in India

The rise and rise of Hinglish in India

English is widely acknowledged as the world’s most successful language. It has developed over the 20th century into a global lingua franca, the most widely used language on the internet, and the clear leader in education and research. But new competitors are emerging to displace English, especially in rich multilingual contexts such as India. The […] … learn more→

Mining the language of science

Ask any biomedical scientist whether they manage to keep on top of reading all of the publications in their field, let alone an adjacent field, and few will say yes. New publications are appearing at a double-exponential rate, as measured by MEDLINE – the US National Library of Medicine’s biomedical bibliographic database – which now […] … learn more→

Master of Linguistics

This program focuses on the nature and structure of language. It is designed for students interested in the description and explanation of particular languages, or of human linguistic capabilities in general. … learn more→