Monthly Archives: August 2011

Watching viruses \”Friend\” a network

From SARS to swine flu, virus outbreaks can be unpredictable — and devastating. But now a new application through the ubiquitous social networking site Facebook, developed in a Tel Aviv University lab, is poised to serve as a better indicator of how infections spread among populations. Dr. Gal Almogy and Prof. Nir Ben-Tal of the […] … learn more→

2000-year-old burial box could reveal location of the family of Caiaphas

In Jerusalem and Judah, ancient limestone burial boxes containing skeletal remains — called ossuaries — are fairly common archaeological finds from the 1st century BCE to the 1st century AD period. Forgers have also added inscriptions or decorations to fraudulently increase their value. So three years ago, when the Israel Antiquities Authority confiscated an ossuary […] … learn more→

Mobile App puts sea life at student\’s fingertips

A new mobile app developed at Duke University lets students – or anyone using an iPad tablet device – access a vast virtual library of videos, photos, maps, audio and descriptive text about some of the sea\’s most charismatic creatures. With a touch of the screen, users can watch humpback whales being tagged off the […] … learn more→

College courses to help you get rich? Maybe…

One of the hottest new trends in college courses is taking hold at universities across the country, and students are signing up at breakneck speed in hopes of striking it rich while they are still in school. The courses? Mobile phone application development, of course, geared toward applications for smart phones like the iPhone and Android. … learn more→

Master of Visual Arts

The University’s graduate programs in Visual Arts provide students with a range of courses, including studio practice, research, theory, masterclasses, fieldwork and other courses across the School of Art and allied areas … learn more→