Monthly Archives: December 2011

Unlocking the universe from the Atacama desert

Timing is everything. I’m in the daily 3 pm planning meeting at the Observation Support Facility (OSF), and the talk is all about missing nanoseconds. One thousand millionth of a second. Even light can travel only 30 cm in a nanosecond. On the wall, a large screen shows live images of 20 white radio antennas, […] … learn more→

Waiting for a strong mercury rule

We’re in a state of heightened expectation. The final Mercury and Air Toxics (MATS) rule, regulating one of the largest sources of toxic pollutants in our country (coal-fired power plants), was supposed to be released on Friday, December 16 to comply with a court-ordered deadline. (A proposed rule was released in March 2011). Advance news […] … learn more→

Proposal for MIT Global Environment Initiative seeks public comment

As the world’s population continues to expand, our natural resources will become increasingly strained. In an effort to find sustainable solutions for the planet’s growing population while minimizing environmental impacts, MIT’s Environmental Research Council (ERC) has put forward a detailed implementation plan to establish a Global Environmental Initiative to complement the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI). […] … learn more→

Walk out of your job interview in a blaze of glory

Picture this: The job interview is (almost) over. You’ve answered all their questions. You’ve jumped through all their hoops. You’ve taken all their tests, assessments and personality profiles. Meanwhile, your brain hurts from over thinking. Your butt is numb from over sitting. And by now, you’ve managed to sweat right through that crisp, new white […] … learn more→

Is your teen at risk for early hearing loss?

Today\’s ubiquitous MP3 players permit users to listen to crystal-clear tunes at high volume for hours on end — a marked improvement on the days of the Walkman. But according to Tel Aviv University research, these advances have also turned personal listening devices into a serious health hazard, with teenagers as the most at-risk group. […] … learn more→

2012: The year of the personal brand

Some might argue that 2011 was the year personal branding really stepped into the forefront as one of — if not the — most important ways to take control of our life. I’d argue that 2011 was just a fraction of the overall growth this industry is going to see in 2012, and beyond. Google, […] … learn more→

Is your sensitive child at risk for OCD?

In childhood, rituals like regular schedules for meal, bath, and bed times are a healthy part of behavioral development. But combined with oral and tactile sensitivities, such as discomfort at the dentist or irritation caused by specific fabrics, these rituals could be an early warning sign of adult Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). According to Prof. […] … learn more→

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

These are uncertain times for a lot of people and organizations. Unfortunately, uncertainty creates what I call a VOID and my theory is that where there is a VOID, negativity will fill it. In my work with people and organizations, I’ve found that when there is a void of clear and positive communication, people start […] … learn more→