Monthly Archives: April 2013

Why leadership education fails to produce the desired results ?

I have witnessed and observed many kinds of programs dedicated to leadership development. Unfortunately, most of these programs fail to accomplish their objectives – build better leaders for the present and future. There is a reason for this. Based on the statistics available from the American Society of Training and Development, businesses in the United […] … learn more→

Corporate responsibility should start in Business School

Recent charges of widespread fraud at Standard & Poor\’s, along with admitted Libor rate-fixing at several banks and violations of the foreign corrupt-practices act, represent yet more moments of shame for Wall Street. But when scandals erupt in the business world, academe should feel a little sheepish. Especially in business schools, our job is to […] … learn more→

Ungoogleable—who owns new words as they come into use?

When the Swedish Language Council released a list of words that are not in the Swedish dictionary but are used in common parlance, on it was “ogooglebar” which roughly translates as “ungoogleable” in English, and gave its meaning as “something that cannot be found with a search engine”. Google objected to that definition arguing the […] … learn more→

What I learned from my friend Flick

Last month one of my dearest friends had a fatal heart attack while sitting at her computer at home. She was only 54. Flick (whom I never once called by her actual name, Felicity Jones) was 12 years older than me and, although I never thought about it this way when she was alive, she […] … learn more→

Selling MP3s? You should have stuck with CDs

What’s the difference between selling a secondhand music CD and transferring ownership of the same songs bought from iTunes? Not much, you’d think – except one’s illegal, according to a New York court. Earlier this month,, which sells “used” digital music files, was found to violate copyright law after record label Capitol Records claimed […] … learn more→

Strict-ish liability? An experiment in the law as algorithm

Some researchers in the US recently conducted an ‘experiment in the law as algorithm’. (One of the researchers involved with the project was interviewed by Ars Technia, here.) At first glance, this seems like quite a simple undertaking for someone with knowledge of a particular law and mathematical proficiency: laws are clearly defined rules, which […] … learn more→

Successful plagiarism 101

The other day, a student came into the writing center with an essay that she had \”written\” for her final project. I was a page into it when I understood that it had been horrendously plagiarized, and that I was being used as a preliminary screening service to see if the blatant theft would pass […] … learn more→

Can you match your resume to a job description?

Resume experts tell us that it is important to capture the attention of hiring managers through certain keywords that express “dynamic” concepts. This is often referred to as putting “action verbs” in your resume. These may be words such as “transform”, “forge”, “diagnose” and “complete”. In semantics, such ideas are related to events that have […] … learn more→

The saga of the survey at Saint Louis U

This is another chapter in the unfolding story of Saint Louis University, the struggle between the President and the faculty. When last we’d left our intrepid crew in November, the Faculty Senate had voted near-unanimously No Confidence in the VP for Academic Affairs (for multitudinous reasons of running academic affairs with total disregard for faculty […] … learn more→