Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Tennessee waltz

What is going on in Tennessee? First we learn that they tried to ban mothers and fathers before coming to their senses. Now we learn that their flagship university tried to ban he and she—before it came to its senses. What senses are these, and how is it that Tennessee keeps losing them? This week, […] … learn more→

The whistleblower effect

Imagine the following scenario: You are teaching a course and give a writing assignment. With the deadline fast approaching, one student asks a classmate for a copy of her paper, makes a few revisions, and submits the assignment as his own original work. When you confront the student with evidence of plagiarism, he accepts responsibility […] … learn more→

From scholar to dollar!

The futility of higher education is a topic that has received much press attention in the last few years. In 2010, The Economist published a now popular article entitled “The Disposable Academic”. The article described the dissatisfaction and disappointment that many PhD students feel after completing their coveted degree… it painted a picture of brilliant […] … learn more→

Education’s role in anti-intellectualism and dumbing down

A recent Psychology Today article discusses anti-intellectualism and the dumbing down of America. While certainly it has a few things right, it misses, often by a large margin, how education, both higher and “public” (more accurately, “government”), has played a role in the dumbing down of the population. Let’s hit what passes for highlights of […] … learn more→

#acwri know how, know what – and know who

Some people talk about academic writing as a skill. A skill is the ability to do something with a high level of expertise. Fair enough – we are all expected to ‘do’ academic writing with high levels of expertise. However, a skill is often associated with technique… But achieving expertise is not simply a matter of technique […] … learn more→

Time is right for Colleges to shift from assembly-line education

Competency-based education, which focuses on the results of education — what students have learned — rather than the process of education — number of courses taken, credits earned, seat time served — is hot. Google it and you get hundreds of thousands of choices. The federal government is paying for it. Colleges and universities are […] … learn more→

How much do YOU know about Science?

Take the interactive test that researchers used to find the average American only gets a C grade When put to the test, Americans rate a solid if unspectacular C in science, a new study has found. The Pew Research Center found in a basic quiz of a dozen random science questions, Americans got eight correct, […] … learn more→

More dark education arts

So I’m looking at a typical institution of higher education, this one passing itself off as an art school, the Academy of Art University (AAU). Alas, higher education has fallen so far that “typical school” means “school focused on drawing in as many students in as possible, sucking them dry of their student loan money, […] … learn more→