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If in doubt sue

The Pacific Island State of Palau recently announced it will seek an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ), asking whether countries have a responsibility to avoid their emissions causing climate change damage elsewhere. This will be the world’s first international climate change case and it has been a long time coming. Many […] … learn more→

Seaside fortress was a final stronghold of early Islamic power

Archaeologists have long known that Yavneh-Yam, an archaeological site between the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Ashdod on the Mediterranean coast, was a functioning harbor from the second millennium B.C. until the Middle Ages. Now Tel Aviv University researchers have uncovered evidence to suggest that the site was one of the final strongholds of […] … learn more→

World’s toughest encryption scheme is ‘vulnerable’ … so what about you?

It was announced this week that cryptography researchers have found a “vulnerability” in the encryption scheme used in the vast majority of secure online transactions – a scheme known as AES-256. Every important electronic transaction you make online is encrypted – your banking, your census form, your credit card payments. AES-256 – the Advanced Encryption […] … learn more→

A fifty million dollar tipping point?

It is one thing for Michael Brune to say coal has to go, but quite another when Michael Bloomberg says so. Few outside the environmental community know who Michael Brune is, but every business person knows Michael Bloomberg as one of the most successful business entrepreneurs of his generation. … learn more→

How to answer the ‘Tell me about yourself’ interview question

When I was a human resources executive doing hiring interviews, I almost always began my interviews with candidates by requesting, “Tell me about yourself.” I did that for a number of reasons, the most important of which was to see how the candidates handled themselves in an unstructured situation. I wanted to see how articulate […] … learn more→

Greening urban landscapes with “eco-friendly” billboards

Vertical greenery is moving to new heights. Recently, Coca-Cola has pushed the envelope by introducing a “green” billboard as part of their CSR and sustainability commitments. Coca-Cola and World Wide Fund for Nature have put up a billboard in Manila that they say helps to “promote the environment.” The 60-by-60-foot sign is made up largely […] … learn more→

When you\’re networking, ask for a reference, not a job

Whether you\’re doing catch-up drinks or grabbing lunch to reconnect (and, hopefully, staying out of this horrible heat!), your main goal is to get an ally, not a tally of job listings. Adding another helping hand to your search is your aim. So don\’t ask your college buddy if he knows of any jobs for […] … learn more→

New photonic crystals have both electronic and optical properties

In an advance that could open new avenues for solar cells, lasers, metamaterials and more, researchers at the University of Illinois have demonstrated the first optoelectronically active 3-D photonic crystal. \”We\’ve discovered a way to change the three-dimensional structure of a well-established semiconductor material to enable new optical properties while maintaining its very attractive electrical […] … learn more→

Race matters when recruiting, retaining undergraduate women engineers

Attempts to recruit and retain more women in undergraduate engineering programs often lump all female students into a single group. At best, minority women as a group may receive special attention. But a new study of female engineering students’ perceived challenges finds significant differences between black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian-American and white women. The findings […] … learn more→