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The News of the World closure: trying to make sense of it all

Where to begin? The closure of a 160-year-old newspaper, the arrest of the man who until recently was the Prime Minister’s Director of Communications, the revelations that the Metropolitan Police, or at least some of its officers, were mired knee-deep in corrupt practices? For me however, and I think for most Britons, the starkest aspect […] … learn more→

Greenest government ever? Hardly!

Monbiot describes the attempted assault on the Climate Change Act as just the beginning. He states that the government’s ‘Red Tape Challenge’ represents “the widest ranging threat to environmental protection since the Enclosure Acts.” … learn more→

Better Place, GE and Renault pave the way to mass electrification

Better Place, GE and Renault Australia have joined together at the Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) with a series of announcements that demonstrate a strategic move to make electric cars a mass market reality for all Australians and help address the nation’s sustainable transport challenge. GE has announced its intention to purchase at least 1000 […] … learn more→

10 reasons why Google+ will never be Facebook

Google is hoping that the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again” will work out for them with Google+. Launched as a private beta version on Tuesday, Google+ is the search giant’s latest attempt at a version of Facebook. The company has tried this before with products such as Orkut, Google Wave […] … learn more→

Why it’s wrong to blame speculation for pushing up oil prices

OPEC Conference president HE Mohammad Aliabadi recently joined a chorus of international observers to blame speculation as the source of ongoing volatility in the global oil market. Speaking at an OPEC Conference meeting early this month Aliabadi, who is also Iran’s acting Minister for Petroleum, claimed that “excess speculation” in oil futures had led to […] … learn more→

Geothermal power heating up worldwide

In 1904, Italy’s Prince Piero Ginori Conti became the first person to use thermal energy from within the earth to turn on the lights — five of them, to be precise. Now, more than a century after his experiment, 24 countries are using geothermal power. The 10,900 megawatts of capacity installed worldwide generate enough renewable […] … learn more→

Sustainable business starts right here

Sustainability is often criticised as too diffuse a term to be meaningful. Yet it is too important to ignore. Business can be a positive force for change towards sustainability, playing a crucial role in providing creative solutions to the problems facing the planet and our communities. And higher education has a critical role to play […] … learn more→

Cutting \’food miles\’ doesn\’t necessarily make \’cents\’

As food suppliers attempt to meet the growing demand for local products, a new study finds it\’s not always economically or environmentally viable for multi-product industries to focus heavily on local sales. \”The dairy sector is an excellent example for examining the economic consequences of increased localization of food supply chains,\” said Miguel Gomez, professor […] … learn more→